Outdoor Adventures Club

The Outdoor Adventures Club met twice monthly, solidifying its presence at Granite Falls Boys and Girls Club. With a regular schedule, we were able to offer an awesome outdoor curriculum and forge positive relationships, both with staff and a growing number of returning kids. 22 teens and 34 grade schoolers participated prior to the summer break.

We studied wilderness first aid and assembled personal first aid kits. We discussed low-impact hiking and and the broader importance of outdoor ethics. We learned about adaptations of local birds, did some "camp" cooking, and enjoyed environmental games and songs. A favorite activity was the "inter-dependence web": using a ball of yarn to demonstrate how natural connections between plants and animals affect one-another.

Best of all, the Boys and Girls Club acquired a van in February, enabling short, afternoon field trips! Both the teen group and the younger students enjoyed (muddy!) fun exploring the environs of Lake Roesiger and Lord Hill Regional Park.