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'doc=' parameter must designate a .pdf

This page renders a pdf in the topic area of the standard OYC master page. The pdf is embedded in an object tag, which redresses to an iframe if that fails and, finally, to an anchor tag if the iframe fails.

A 'doc=' parameter is required in the querystring and must specify a URL to the document of interest. The URL must be an absolute or relative path to a local .pdf document. Cross-domain embedding to other websites is not allowed. 'doc=help' displays this page.

All other querystring parameters are optional.

The 'parms=' parameter is appended to the URL found in 'doc=' and may be used to pass optional parameters to the pdf viewer. For example, '&parms=page=2,zoom=50' opens the pdf at page 2, zoomed to 50%.

The 'height=' parameter is useful for adjusting the height of the topic area to better fit the pdf document and possibly minimize scroll bars.

Page Syntax:

oyc-pdf.aspx?doc=URL to pdf document    (in ASP code, the page can be referenced as 'OYC.PdfPage')

Optional parameters inherited from the Master Page:
&css=designate an external css style sheet (defaults to none) &footing=page tag line that appears in the footer (defaults to standard OYC non-profit disclosure)

&heading=page heading that appears above the embedded document (defaults to none)
&height=override the height of the topic area (defaults to auto)
&tab=designate the front tab for the menu bar (defaults to none)
&title=page title that appears on the browser tab (defaults to document filename)

Optional parameters specific to this page:
&parms=parameters for the pdf viewer, delimited with commas (defaults to none)

This URL frames page 3 of Adobe's "Parameter Guide" within a short (600px) topic area of the OYC website.